Specialising in all Steel Fabrication in Melbourne

Plenary Engineering Services Pty Ltd

  • Structural Steel Work (Residential & Commercial)

  • All steel fabrication

  • Industrial & Residential maintenance and repairs, including on site welding

  • Custom Welding (Arc, Mig, Tig)

  • Shop Drawings (CAD Facilities)

  • Sales and delivery

  • Crane truck hire

We are a Melbourne based company, located on the West of Melbourne in Hoppers Crossing.

We specialise in structural steel required to fabricate any residential or commercial properties, including renovations to existing dwellings, as well as, staircases, handrails, balustrading and any other structure that requires steel work, according to your Engineering Drawings.

Plenary Engineering focuses on producing the highest quality steel and metal products with advanced steel fabrication processes and machinery. Our commitment to quality metal products, good customer service, and ability to manufacture, assemble and deliver according to customer deadlines has earned us the trust and recognition from our clients and the industry.

Send us your engineering and architectural drawings today and we ensure a FREE quote to be delivered within 48hours at highly competitive pricing. With guaranteed fabrication and installation within a week of booking.

Alternatively, call our office today to discuss your upcoming project.
We look forward to hearing from you!

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